Business Principles

These are the principles we use to operate our business. They are always growing but are built on and extend our Core Principles & our Principles of Conduct. We encourage everyone to follow our lead, but recognize that these are things which take much more effort and intentionality.

2.0. We avoid waste

Both time and tangible resources are limited. We do what we can to leverage existing resources & technology to decrease our total resources spend while actively seeking new processes and innovations to improve efficiency and reuse.

2.1. We set aside bias

Out of humans' inherent imperfection comes inherent bias. We seek to expose and subvert those biases when making decisions through objective research, learning & collaboration.

2.2. We act generously

We have been blessed with resources that others don't have. When opportunity arises to act generously towards another individual with a net positive impact, we will seek to take it; given that it doesn't unduly restrict us from continuing our ultimate purpose.

2.3 We empower communication

Communication is paramount in life but especially to what we do. All relationships both personal & professional are built on the foundation of communication. We will actively seek out structures & processes which ensure that all parties are on the same page and try to personally fill the gaps when things are missed.

2.4 We seek wisdom

There are always those more experienced than us both in the present and the past. We will seek out modern best practices & age old wisdom to ensure we are stewarding our responsibility well, whether through industry peers, modern research or wizened sages.