the action of working with someone to produce or create something.

Collaboration is the core of everything we do at Axon and we take collaboration a little bit further than most. We believe that collaboration is a mindset, not just an action. And that this mindset of openness, support, and sharing fundamentally changes the way that people go about projects. Collaboration inherently has a common goal, which for Axon is the furtherance of innovation and entrepreneurship. Within that there are many projects and forms that collaboration takes, but at the center is this mindset of mutual benefit and the desire to move the core purpose forward.

If you are interested in collaborating with us, fill this out and we will be in touch. Or read on to get a better understanding of what collaboration can look like.


Our most prominent form of collaboration is contracting. We believe that the best work is done when we partner with the customer and others to solve their needs collaboratively. See everything about contracting here and look at brief overviews about how we collaborate with each group below:

Client Collaborators:

From using an Agile methodology to making sure we clarify a client's business goals before sketching out one line of a prototype; we ensure our contracting looks more like a collaborative partnership than a blind feature chase. You can get a better picture of how this process looks by contacting us or hopping to the contracting portion of our site.

Contracting Collaborators:

We always look for collaborators to come on and contract with us for projects. This relationship allows us to stay lean while still providing amazing capability. Highly skilled & specialized contractors are always welcome, so please reach out.

Corporate Collaborators:

These high caliber organizations allow us to help projects needing something different than our team provides. The partner works the project & we personally ensure everything goes smoothly. Reach out if you want to fill these shoes.


We are working to build a vibrant community for innovation and entrepreneurial inspiration. Our "Collaborative Domain" is, among other things, a place for sharing questions, ideas, suggestion, and encouragement. Only through the sharing of knowledge and thoughts can we fill each other's gaps.


Our community is a safe space to share ideas, get feedback, and seek help. Ideas truly spread their wings when seen from different angles brought by collaboration.

Content Experts:

Experts are the resource that turn a hair-brained idea into a viable venture. From technical experts to skilled professionals, these collaborators can interact directly in the Collaborative Domain or be references for specific questions or needs.

Coaches & Counselors:

We are always looking for those who have walked the entrepreneurial path before and are interested in helping others navigate it too. Let us know your terms and we will find opportunities for your wisdom to leave a legacy.


We are also looking for individuals interested in collaborating through contribution. This contribution helps to build open resources for entrepreneurs & innovators.

Code Collaboration:

We are slowly putting together open source code bases for different building blocks necessary to different startups. Connect and we will find the best way for you to contribute.

Content Collaboration:

An educational content project is in the works, but we haven't started curating it yet. If you write about different forms of business or technology reach out to see about being part of the team to start this.

If any of these spark your interest, scroll to the top and fill out our collaboration form so we can connect on that level.