Principles Of Conduct

These are the principles that define the conduct we expect of ourselves and everyone who collaborates with us. They are built on top of our Core Principles and are general and largely universal, but they also set the foundation for productive collaboration.

1.0. We use words constructively

Words are powerful tools. Tools should be used to benefit others not just yourself. Words whether deceptive or distasteful can be destructive. Don't use words to harm others.

1.1. We do what we say we will do

Integrity matters. Be a person of your word.

1.2. We act professionally

All of us have something that we are good at. Respect others and be courteous and kind in your interactions.

1.3. We value diversity, of all kinds

Diversity is a strength, not a liability. It brings in new capability and new understanding. Diversity helps open our minds to new ways of thinking and points of view that we might not have otherwise considered. This is a place where everyone should feel welcome, regardless of race, gender, background, education, or upbringing.

1.4. We do not steal

Do not take what is not yours, whether personal property or intellectual property. Axon has spent a great deal of time and effort designing ways to protect everyone’s IP, but at the end of the day it is up to us as individuals to respect the rights of each other.  

1.5. We don’t assume

Assuming comes out of the expectation that we have a perfect understanding of the world. We don't. Failed assumptions cause harm. When in doubt, ask. We all know what happens when you assume.

1.6. We ask questions

Our collective understanding is limited, questions lead to searching which leads to learning. Curiosity fuels innovation. Never be afraid to ask “why?” – many of the greatest discoveries in history started that way.

1.7. We always seek to learn

In the same vein, we never assume we know it all. Even domain experts are always learning new things. Education only stops when we let it stop, and we pay the price for doing so.

1.8. We embrace forgiveness

Mistakes happen. Feelings get hurt. We recognize our errors, correct them, make things right, and move on. You're not perfect, neither is anyone else. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

1.9. We help each other

Wealth is not a fixed quantity – it can be created. There is enough business for everyone, and we can succeed without putting others down. We strive to foster an environment where we can rely on each other rather than compete with each other. This is what builds the future we need; one where we can all thrive together. People are more important than profit.

These are central to our business principles and are primary in priority.