Context (about)

Axon Collective is, in broad terms, a contracting & resource networking company for startups. The organization was started in the living-room of freshly graduated engineers who pragmatically shared "The Nerd House" as a way to save money. Initially sitting down with a friend to devise the entity for containing their shared ideas, it quickly became clear that few others were granted this same setting or opportunity. What grew out of this collaborative session was the dream to create a collaborative domain for all creatives no matter their situation. This dream became what is now Axon Collective: the attempt of idealists to create a shared ecosystem built for collaboration and tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs.

Our Why

Axon's central purpose & "just cause" is to: make innovation and entrepreneurship more accessible & attainable for all creatives & dreamers through collaboration & shared resources for the ultimate purpose of improving the world we live in.

The Face of Axon Collective

Though there are 4 owners, three of them are still in industry and have more behind-the-scenes roles. The current face to follow is Marcus:



His Why: To improve the world's inefficiencies & deficiencies through innovation and technology

A software engineer by trade and entrepreneur at heart, Marcus grew up with a passion for innovation and business. Selling handfuls of pistachios and designing hoverboards in elementary school, nothing deterred his creativity. Marcus went on to be a software engineer with a sweet tooth for business. This lead to an industry job purely meant to pay the bills and a mind whirring away on creative new ventures. Following the final payment on his student loans, Marcus left his stable job to pursue entrepreneurship full time. You can find him on LinkedIn as MarcusTheSmith