Our People

Our People

Axon has skilled engineers as owners and employees, as well as many talented collaborators that join us on various projects. Because of our flexible team structure, we are able to provide comprehensive service while still working lean. And if our team doesn't feel able to serve a certain project's needs satisfactorily, we won't hesitate to pass the work on to a partner that we trust with the given task. No matter who you are working with, you can always expect three things: character, capability & consistency.


We expect our team to follow our Core Principles and act with the highest character. Our team will always be honest, have strong work ethic, act on the best interest of the customer, and seek ethical solutions. If any collaborator, project partner or otherwise, ever has concerns with the character of a team member, even an owner, the ownership will take it as a personal concern and seek to remedy the solution quickly and satisfactorily.


We work with highly qualified and capable collaborators & team members. We guarantee that the time spent on any project will be done by someone knowledgeable & capable in the necessary technology. Obviously all projects warrant some level of continual learning, but our collaborators won't be "learning something new" on anyone's dime but ours. If a collaborator is working on a project, they are already capable to complete it, even if we fronted the bill to get them up to speed.


We seek to always provide a consistent experience for project partners. Our team will be consistent in communication, timing, and quality. We pursue this through partner-centric feedback and processes. The more we glean, the better we can continually improve our consistency and the overall quality of what we provide.