Our Why

Because entrepreneurs & innovators need "more than just another contracting company".

Axon Contracting is just a sub feature of the greater Axon purpose of making entrepreneurship & innovation more accessible. This is the compass that guides us. We are building the contracting company that our partners deserve, not just the one they want. We truly believe that entrepreneurs & innovators need more than just another contracting company, and that is us.

We don't just say this catchphrase to sound cool, Axon Collective started as a think tank and resource networking company and has been built with the startup in mind. Don't worry about floundering around with ideas or pivoting when opportunity comes. We understand the workflow and pace of the entrepreneur… because we have been there, done that. Having a visceral understanding of the innovators life, we truly meet you where you are at.

We offer an initial run through of a lean canvas at no cost, asking guiding questions to not just help figure out the technical specs but also refine your business. Our flexible, personalized compensation plans allow you to have peace of mind while pursuing your dream. We know that, especially for the sidehustler, entrepreneur schedules are… a little different. So, we work with your schedule to make decisions when your mind is clear and ready, whether that's a late night call or a quick discussion over your lunch break.

Check out more about us here if you are ready to finally have a team as passionate about your dream as you are, or just take a look around to get a feel for what true collaboration looks like if you ever find yourself in need of a dream team. Not an entrepreneur? Contact contract@axoncollective.com to see if we can still help you with your traditional contracting needs or point you towards one of our partners.