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Supercharge your growth with the right technologists

We know finding the right technologist is hard.
We help entrepreneurs like you integrate technology into your business in an understandable, transparent, and scalable way. We build the right things, the right way, by the right people, with total transparency.

Why Axon Collective

Hiring technologists shouldn’t feel
like a shot in the dark.

Understand your technology

We understand that business needs drive development; not the other way around. At Axon, we are committed to developing simple-to-use technology that supports your business goals.

Solve For Your Future

Your business is going to grow – it’s critical to lay a solid foundation for sustainable and maintainable growth. From designing scalable solutions, to planning the removal of technical debt, we will strategize with you the right path, with the right people, and the right tools, building your future.

Choose Experts Tailored To You

Your business is unique and so is your technology. We tap into our network of highly specialized and competent technologists to meet your individualized needs.

Build Your Tech With Transparency

Transparency is of the utmost importance to us. With regular meetings, we make sure that you always know your project’s status, the people on it, and the budget expectations.Whatever your business or project, we’re excited to see it succeed and we can’t wait to hear more about it.


Technology Made Simple

We know it can be hard to find good answers, so we put together
insights to help answer some of those questions. Tickle your technology interests, hear from other founders, get inspired by projects we’ve worked on.


Creating an MVP Feature Set: 7 Questions I ask Every Founder

Why do I ask Questions? Whether I’m working with a founder to develop an estimate for their MVP, or advising on a strategic next step I always ask a few of the same questions to explore how to build product priorities. Hopefully these questions can help you refine where to start or even where to take your product next.

Marcus Smith

June 20, 2022


Hey, I Can’t Mow Your Lawn Today – w/ Hunter Baker

I sit down with Hunter Baker, co-founder of Leanr – a sales messaging automation tool for small businesses to talk about what its like to found a business while your still in college, the need for a tool like this, some of the difficulties of founding a business in a developing tech hub like Houston, and how Hunter found and partnered with his co-founder!

Owen Goode

June 10, 2022


Accounting For Bad Math w/ Mari Ramirez, CPA

We’re re-releasing a nearly year-old episode where Marcus interviews Mari Ramirez, one of Austin’s most prolific CPAs and founder of multiple small businesses in Central Texas. Learn how she got her start in accounting, why most CPAs only do taxes and neglect bookkeeping, and how being an accountant actually just means you’re a therapist. Also, is Dave Ramsey actually terrible at giving business advice? And just how important is math anyway?

Marcus Smith

June 3, 2022

Facts Matter

Responsibly Innovating for entrepreneurs through collaboration

If all you want is some code slinging devs to hopefully build what you want eventually, you’ll probably find something cheaper elsewhere. But we build the right things, the right way, by the right people, with total transparency.


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