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Let’s Explore the Possibilities.

105A E 44th Street / Suite A / Houston, TX 77018

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Want to learn more about what we do?

Here are some questions you may be wondering about, and if we don’t answer it here you can get in touch to ask more.

Can I talk to you guys without being obligated to pay anything?

Yes! We keep a portion of our calendar reserved for free 30min consultations because we want to ensure everyone has some kind of access to technical expertise no matter what level of resources they have. Book here to get on the schedule.

I already have a product, how do I know what technologies it is built in?

We can help with that. Our Tech Stack Analysis is designed for this kind of situation where you as a founder need technical help but aren’t necessarily sure what you have, much less what you need. Contact us and we’ll be in touch, or book some time on our free consultation calendar and we can talk more.

Do you offer assistance to founders who can’t pay your rates?

Yes. We try to work with rates that are accessible for the quality of work we put out, but if a founder still can’t make it work, we will try and find a solution. We specifically will offer discounted rates to impact entrepreneurs and underrepresented founders who help change the startup landscape for the better.

Do you offer cloud hosting and support for applications?

Yes, we offer all clients the option to have their projects hosted in the cloud under our organization. We partner with Google Cloud Platform to get better rates for clients than they could alone. Along with that hosting we can offer a support package that maintains your uptime and works to save you money. Such projects can be moved to their own organization at any time if a client desires.


We love solving technical problems for founders to make innovation happen.

Who you are – What kind of person wants to work for Axon? You have a passion for both learning and teaching, and you believe in mentoring those who report to you and improving their lives. You aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty if the job requires it, and you have a deep passion for software and what it can do when used creatively and responsibly.

You value work-life balance, you believe that mental and physical rest lead to superior results, and you thrive in an environment of remote work and asynchronous communication.

At the end of the day, you care about people with the same priority stack as us – your people, your customers, and your shareholders/employer. We believe that excellence begins with those who make up your team, resulting in success at all levels.

Just ping us at collaborate@axoncollective.com or follow us on LinkedIn and see if we have any postings or immediate needs.

Facts Matter

Responsibly Innovating for entrepreneurs through collaboration

If all you want is some code slinging devs to hopefully build what you want eventually, you’ll probably find something cheaper elsewhere. But we build the right things, the right way, by the right people, with total transparency.


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