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Axon offers a variety of services to meet post traction founders’ needs where they are at.

What We Do

Axon Collective empowers innovation for entrepreneurs through collaboration with expert technologists to improve the likelihood of success for all founders.
  • Understand Your Technology
  • Solve For Your Future
  • Choose Experts Tailored To You
  • Build Your Tech With Transparency

Expert Consult Call

Need some direction when it comes to developing technology for your business? Hop on a 30 minute call with our experts, on the house! In this call, get a taste of what it’s like working with our team and get a clearer understanding of your technology needs. We encourage anyone looking for software help to hop on a call, regardless of specific needs. You may feel like finding technical talent is rolling the dice, but we offer free consultation so that by working through your needs you may feel more confidence in choosing the right direction, even if it’s not us.

Cost: Complimentary

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Tech Stack Analysis

Not sure where to go from here? A tech stack analysis is a great next step. We’ll dive in with our engineers to uncover what you have and give you clarity on what technologies you are working with and what state your resources are in. We package it all into a plain-language report so that you have a deliverable with insight into your technology and recommendations for next steps. And if you don’t have any code yet, we can instead give you strategic technical direction to help get you on the best path.

Cost: $1,000

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Project Driven Software Development

We will work with you to create a scoped project to solve a specific need, be that an early stage MVP, DevOps buildout, application migration, or feature addition for your existing product. We then build an expert team for these technology goals and work in two week “sprints” to add incremental value that you can work with along the way.

Cost: Starting at $200/hr
*ask about discounts for early stage startups

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Retainer-based Consulting & Support

Need a fractional consultant to augment your team, or want a team to host and support your application? We will work with you to find the right budget for the right level of help, and give you a simple recurring retainer to have access to us when you need it most.

Technical Capabilities

Let’s not forget about the nerd questions.
You’re not going to build the future without the right technologies.

Our core team specializes in web and cloud native technologies, but we have a network of partners that work on everything from Blockchain to native mobile apps to data and machine learning. This way we can pick projects that fit our skills, we don’t have to lie saying we can do it all, and clients can still work with awesome vetted experts.

Our preferred stack consists of Vue.JS, Python & Postgres, though every project is different and we have other tools in our belt if necessary. Except for serverless functions, we use Docker containerization to deploy to the cloud. We like to use Terraform for building cloud infrastructure and work natively in our cloud providers and repository tools to build CI/CD pipelines. We like to work with GitLab and GitHub depending on business needs.

For cloud providers we prefer Google Cloud Platform but we’ve worked with AWS and Azure as well.

Facts Matter

Responsibly Innovating for entrepreneurs through collaboration

If all you want is some code slinging devs to hopefully build what you want eventually, you’ll probably find something cheaper elsewhere. But we build the right things, the right way, by the right people, with total transparency.


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